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The Meaning of “Virtually Bump Proof” and “Virtually Pick Proof”
In recognition of the fact that no lock is truly impenetrable more »

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The Meaning of “Virtually Bump Proof” and “Virtually Pick Proof”

In recognition of the fact that no lock is truly impenetrable, Medeco does not promote its products using absolute terms such as “bump proof" or “pick proof.” Instead, it is Medeco’s policy to refer to its products as "virtually bump proof” or “virtually pick proof." The definition of virtually is “nearly, but not absolutely.” In Medeco's view, it is inappropriate for any security provider to use categorical terms such as "impervious" "impenetrable" "bump proof” or “pick proof" when describing a lock. With enough time, enough knowledge, specialized tools, and maybe some random luck, any lock could potentially be compromised.h jako o "prakticky oddolných proti vyražení a vymatání". Definice termínu "prakticky" je téměř, ale ne absolutně.

Consequently, Medeco suggests using the terms "virtually bump proof" or “virtually pick proof” rather than the absolute terms "bump proof" or “pick proof” which are terms we do not recommend or endorse for use when describing the security of a Medeco high security cylinder.

We believe that consumers are aware that highly trained technicians with proper tools and education can open most types of locks or cylinders, and that using such categorical terms serves to undermine rather than enhance the reputation of our excellent products.

Ultimately, the most compelling and conclusive statements about Medeco products are not the promotional statements made by Medeco or its dealers, but the certifications and ratings awarded by various independent testing agencies. Medeco high security cylinders are rated at the highest levels of high security by independent and scientific test laboratories from around the world whose job it is to test objectively for high security. Repeatedly, Medeco has performed at the highest levels and continues to receive the highest certifications. These certifications provide independent verification of the performance of the various products.

If you have any questions regarding the appropriate terms to be used to describe the security of any Medeco product, please contact Medeco Technical Services at 1-800-839-3157. Contact Us at 1-800-675-7558

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