Key control is often the most important feature that Medeco® can offer to OEM customers and industrial end users. more »

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Key control is often the most important feature that Medeco® can offer to OEM customers and industrial end users. Most ordinary keys can be duplicated at numerous retail outlets with no identification required. Medeco® gives end users the power to control key duplication and prevent unauthorized copies.

Several factors contribute to the strength of Medeco® key control:

  • Patent protected high security designs protect against unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of
  • Medeco® key blanks. Medeco® products are available through professional equipment manufacturers, market specific distributors, and factory authorized service centers. Key cutting services are performed only by those suppliers who have contractual agreements with Medeco® to uphold strict key security guidelines.
  • Medeco® keys require precise angled cuts which cannot be reproduced on ordinary key machines. Key blanks are available only to authorized Medeco® suppliers operating the proper equipment under contract with Medeco.
  • Medeco3® keys incorporate a factory cut on all key blanks. These cuts are required to operate a Medeco3® cylinder and are performed only at the Medeco® factory in Salem, Virginia.

A wide variety of key control programs are available to provide manufacturers, distributors, and end users options that best meet their needs. All programs fall under the strict key control guidelines to ensure ongoing security.

Commercial Keyway Programs - give end users flexibility for obtaining extra keys by allowing key duplication at a wide variety of professional outlets including authorized locksmiths.

Card Programs - offer end users greater control over key duplication. Identification cards issued with the original keys must be presented by authorized personnel to obtain replacement / duplicate keys.

Service Center Programs - offer end users fast response when they need lock and keys. Factory Authorized Medeco® Service Centers are full service distributors servicing a wide variety of industrial markets. Key control programs are strictly upheld and duplicate keys are provided only with proper authorization.

Factory Restricted Programs - provide the highest level of security to end users. Keys are only duplicated at the Medeco® factory and require proper authorization. Key blanks are not available to any Medeco® resellers.

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